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Professional Opportunity in Second Life

Job Offer: Business Director

Excellent performance pay

Job Description:

- Business Director (The Destiny MMORPG), over 5,000 active players in Second Life.

Responsible for market expansion for one of the largest MMORPGs exist in the virtual world Second Life (The Destiny -

Create and manage sales teams for sell The Destiny and products.

It necessary that the candidate has an interest in sales and commercial aspect of RPGs and Second Life.

The goals are daring, but the pay is excellent if compares the standards of Second Life.

- Basic remuneration: 5,000L$ for each new clan started (target initial 10 new clans in a first month = 50,000L$/month).

- Extra Pay (awards by performance): L$ 20,000 to L$ 200,000 per month, depending on the results and targets achieved.

- Position reports directly to the creators of The Destiny (Klint Clowes and Liberato Lindman)


- Being a Second Life avatar, open account account for at least 12 months ( 1 year)

- Speak English (totally required) and other langage (Italian is preferred)

- Availability 3 hours per day to the project

- Be prepared to take on challenging targets

- Know the market for MMORPGs in world Second Life and in Real Life (RL)

- Have some experience as a manager (Leader, chief officer, GM, etc) and have some RPG group in Second Life.

Interested should send an EMAIL to jeanliberato [a], entitled "THE DESTINY - JOB", with their qualifications, description of experience in sales or management, description of your proficiency with languages and what languages spoken, and finally, what is the name of your avatar in Second Life.

Deadline: October, 30 - 2010.

Nos vemos no Second Life!!!

Jean Liberato

"Second Life Fácil"

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